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We are looking at where Microsoft Staffing (my team in the marketing space specifically) wants to dedicate it's time and resources over the next year. Specifically, we are considering what events and associations/groups to focus on (meaning, which industry events attract the kind of technical marketers that we want to hire). It would be super-helpful if you all could tell me what kinds of events you go to (for example, CES is probably big if you are in the consumer electronics space) and what groups or organizations you participate in (I already have the Software Product Marketing eGroup down as a priority for this upcoming year). Feel free to “me too“ any answers that you agree with so we get a sense of which events and organizations appeal to the most people.

PS: feel free to e-mail me directly if you don't want to post in comments.


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  1. Chris Boaz says:

    The National Show 2004,

    National Cable and Telecommunications Association annual trade-show.

    Its a great space for the MSNTV type people.


  2. Chris Boaz says:

    Oh, and of course SPM as you mention 🙂

  3. I am not quite sure what market you are after but an idea would be to talk with these guys about creating under the forums a Jobs Open List for Microsoft Jobs- In that Community you may be able to get some developers and programers.


    Not to mention you can also what is commonly known as The Power Of Scoble to help work for you.



    Just a thought of a place that is new and fresh and is full of people who actually work in the fields of software development.

    Not to mention I don’t think it would really cost since it is a Microsoft Site only a little time out of someones day to do a quick summary of the job and also provide links to further info.

  4. AG says:


    Try ChicWIT!

    Thats Chicago Women in Technology – a wonderful, resourceful, intelligent online group of 5000+ – mostly women and some men too!

    Best of all its free!

    You could try any of the WorldWIT groups. Please join and post your job openings. [But use a personal email address, as its very active and you could get upto 20-30 messages a day]

    Other industry events –

    Frontline Show – for the warehouse technology(such as CRM, and wireless data management) industry

    SNIA events – for storage software marketing professionals

  5. Heather says:

    Chris-I’ll share your feedback with our Silucon Valley recruiters. They kind of own the TV platforms space from a recruiting standpoint.

    RedVamp-I am actually on the radar for Channel 9. Their main focus is the developer space and mine is marketing, so they are trying to focus on their priority market. I have been in touch with them and they are interseted in doing more with the business side in the future…we’ll see what happens. With regard to Scobe specifically, he does know me and he knows where to send good people looking for a job. The best thing, I’ve found, is to get Scobleized, which I have, but hope to see more links to my page on his…we’ll see. Since these are all MS resources, I feel like we have them pretty covered to some extent. It’s the outside shows that I am looking to leverage more in the future. Thanks for confirming that our internal resources are something we should continue to leverage ; )

    AG-I’m going to check out ChicWIT/WorldWIT. Great recommendations!

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