My first week as a blogger

OK, so it hasn't really been a week yet. It's been three days, but that is at least a week in Microsoft time. I've learned a lot this week...

**sometimes, if you think you are getting a headache from staring at your computer screen, you just need to loosen up your pony tail

**no matter how smart I think I am and how much I love the impact technology has on my life, I am not technical. Yeah, I said it...Microsoft hired me and I am not technical. That html class I took does not make me all

**wine in a box is just very, very bad

**blogs should not be pink

**Microsoft has a lot of very cool bloggers

Wish I could provide something a little more profound or thought provoking...some lines of code perhaps?

I'm off to enjoy a sunny weekend (no I am  not's sunny!), play with my dog, Jonas and enjoy some time with friends. Have a great weekend!

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  1. gretchen says:

    i liked the red wine from the box! It helped me write better blogs. 🙂

  2. I’m sooo glad the pink is gone, even though it was fun! Enjoy the weekend, and hopefully you don’t give up on blogging as a result of playing with your dog. You can enjoy them both!

  3. Jason Haley says:

    is wine in the box bad because you don’t realize how you’ve drank.. that i agree with.

  4. Arun Bhatnagar says:

    **blogs should not be pink

    Ya ! that’s right, only ex-Microsofties, who were fired(pink slip!!) should have pink blogs.

  5. redvamp128 says:

    Change your desktop image at regular intervals…That always helps me 🙂

  6. Chris Boaz says:

    Hope you made it back from your sunny weekend, it was sunny one day and snowed the next here 🙁

  7. The first step to becoming technical is admitting that you are not technical.

    Next step: Learn to count to 1024 on your fingers.

    Next next step: Realize you have a blog and that greatly raises your nerd:normal person ratio.

  8. Well, what have we learned so far? A drinkin’ box wine is slightly lower (ok a lot lower) quality than the bottled version, but considerably higher quality than wine in a can. Pink blogs are not the way to think blogs. Microsoft tries keeps its bloggers cool with good air conditioning. Pony tails are not good for overcoming blogging block. And last but not least, what is html anyway?

    But seriously…

    This is a great marketing blog in the making, among the many tremendous Microsoft blogs. Your company does a wonderful job of encouraging blogging among the employees. That interaction between Microsoft staff and customers, will serve your company well, as relationship marketing builds long term customer evangelists.

    Blogging also helps the company to be seen as made up of real people, and not as the proverbial "faceless corporation". Putting people’s names and faces on the company, create powerful bonds with your customers, and pay dividends for the future.

    Keep blogging.

    I’ll keep reading!

  9. Heather says:

    WRT RSS feeds… You might want to check out some of the technical blogs for more info on RSS. I know I have seen some posting on the subject lately. Just go to and look around and I think you’ll find some info. Good luck!

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