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OK, technology has finally hit me over the head. I've been talking about blogging for long enough. Now it's time to do it! I've been inspired by my colleagues Gretchen and Zoe, who have just started blogging on technical recruiting at Microsoft. They have gotten quite a positive response. I wouldn't want the marketing community to feel left out ; )

So the marketing space at Microsoft is a bit different than the technical space...different skills, different people, different objectives. But passion for technology is an absolute requirement! The technical space at Microsoft has gotten a lot of coverage in the blogging community. WHAT ABOUT MARKETING? (Sorry, lost my cool there for a second!)

So let me introduce myself. Gretchen and Zoe got some gruff over being too formal in their initial posts, so I'll try not to do that. My name is Heather and I am a recruiter. Everyone say “Hello Heather!“

I've been recruiting for about 10 years (yes, back then, resumes were made out of paper). I've been at Microsoft almost 5 years and have focused almost exclusively on the marketing space (my first job at MS was technical recruiting for and that was a blast, but I quickly moved on to marketing recruiting). I've recruited for just about every business unit here as well as Corporate Marketing and just about every kind of marketing position you could imagine...product management and planning, marcomm, business development and strategy, partner management, PR, advertising. I have to admit that although I have the required passion for technology, marketing is my real passion.

Before Microsoft, I recruited for finance and technology positions(ironic that I ended up working for a tech company but recruiting for marketing? maybe) in Chicago. I moved to sunny Seattle (hee hee) to join Microsoft and I love it! You can't do this job if you don't love it!

So just to prove that Microsoft employees have interests outside of work, I should tell you that I am a HUGE fan of college football. It's an illness really. Every August I start getting a little anxious. I'm getting anxious just thinking about it. I'm a Trojan (yep, the National Champion Trojans...or co-national champs if you are from LSU). I won't bore you with my love of all things Trojan unless you ask ; )

I'll post some more details of my role here in my bio as I get things up and running. I'm really interested in hearing what people in the marketing community have on their minds, specifically with regard to employment and Microsoft. Want to know more about “Marketing at Microsoft“? Want to hear about some of the cool products we are working on? Interested in what it's really like to work here? What we look for on resumes? How to make yourself more visible on the Internet? How we define branding or business development? Ask me...please!

Here comes the disclaimer...

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.


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  1. Adam Kinney says:

    Welcome to the blog world!

    This should be interesting. I am sure the techrecruiter blog took off realy fast because there are so many hanging out on pining for a job at Microsoft.

    Marketing is something we all do[1] all the time, so I’ve always been interested in the topic. *subscribed

    So did you customize the colors, yourself or is there a new "pink" color scheme? πŸ™‚

    [1] The Brand Called You, especially bloggers

  2. Heather says:

    Thanks Adam! I am happy to be here…do I get a t-shirt or something? Coffee mug? Mouse pad?

    I’m working with the Software Product Marketing eGroup ( a list of top tips for making yourself more marketable on the internet. Hope it’s something you find useful! You are correct….blogs are an excellent personal marketing tool!

    Pink color scheme was one of the options…just my luck… I hear pink is in for spring πŸ˜‰

  3. Zoe says:

    Go Heather! Can’t wait to hear more musing on Marketing at Microsoft and those Trojans.

  4. Yeah, pink makes you happier and smarter. Surprised all the Microsoft offices aren’t pink…

    Seriously though, I used to work in a pink office, and I bet it makes me more anxious than Fall makes you :-p

    I never realised that Business Development was part of the marketing space. Interesting…

    As a complete aside, I swear not to get addicted to this blog and taint you as well.

  5. Anil John says:

    Welcome Heather!

    It will be interesting to get the perspective of someone who works for a company that is renowned for its marketing savvy πŸ™‚

    Hope that you will address issues related to personal branding and marketing in addition to the corporate.

  6. Randy H. says:

    LSU has a solid claim to the national championship. πŸ™‚

  7. Mun says:

    Welcome Heather! πŸ™‚

    Look forward to hearing more in marketing at Microsoft – guaranteed to be interesting reading! πŸ™‚

  8. Randy says:

    Welcome to the blogging world!

  9. LSU may have a solid claim, but USC is the *real* national champion…

    even though I hate SC.. so I’m certainly not biased here.

  10. Anthony Gudeli says:

    I was really glad to read that the Microsoft marketing department is differentiated from its technical siblings. Marketing jobs should be for people who love marketing. If I wanted a technical position I would have gotten a EE degree. Am I into technology? Yes! Can I pick up complex technical concepts and converse eloquently with both technical and non-technical audiences? Yes! Do I want to take a circuits class or debug code? No!

    As far as college football, I am left wanting. College football needs a tournament like the Final Four. Chances are that LSU would have played USC in the final and there would be one champion.

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