Microsoft providing $3.5 million in tsunami relief

I had a hard time sleeping last night. OK, I did have a couple glasses of wine (watching Cal lose to Texas Tech will do that to you) and that sometimes makes it hard to sleep. I go to sleep with the TV on at night…otherwise, I hear sounds and make myself worry about things…


Work…a great break from vacation

Taking that week and a half off was harder than I thought. I just can’t do that again and not go somewhere sunny. I get pretty antsy over a long weekend without some kind of project to work on. I really was not in the mood to do a bunch of projects over the holidays…


It’s hard to be relevant right now

I had planned on coming back from my little mini-vacation (no travel…just time off) to write something fun and interesting on my blog (and I still may do that a little later). But my heart is still really sick about the situation in South Asia. It’s really hard to comprehend the impact of such a…


Ah, insomnia…three things

Scott Reynolds did this over in his blog (with no mention of Auburn or the BCS…shocking!). Anyway, just for fun, here’s my version…because I can’t fall asleep. Three names you go by: Heather Dolly (only OK for my mom to call me that….just in case you were going to try) Former Miss Smarty Pants (humor…


The 17 Dumbest Things in Recruiting

Here are the 17 “dumbest things in recruiting” according to Dr. John Sullivan in his recent ERE article. I’ve seen some strong reactions to this article from recruiters, so before you read it, decide to keep an open mind. First of all, Dr. John likes to push buttons…it generates some interesting discussion. Sometimes it’s fun to…


Dan Gillmor spoke at Microsoft

BillCan blogged about Dan Gillmor’s presentation at Microsoft. I was there too and knew there was something I was forgetting to blog about. Yeah, they let us mere mortals attend MS Research lectures…you can spot us, we are the ones with the lip gloss on ; )  Dan’s presentation was about the convergence of media and blogging (reinforcing…


Why won’t I learn?

After telling you last week that I thought complaining helped me get my Tablet PC, and complaining to 2 people via e-mail today that I was bored after being out of the office for 3 days, my temporary crowns popped off while I was flossing (yes the dentists did say it was OK to floss). Gross….


Blogs can get you jobs

Ask Christopher Hawkins…his was a consulting gig. Event though it’s not a full time role, it illustrates the impact of blogs on professional networking. I’m just saying.


Best kept secret about working at Microsoft

Someone recently asked me about the best kept secret about working at Microsoft. Gosh, that is hard…there is so much on the Internet about working here. But here are the things that surprised me: First, I was truly shocked at how incredibly nice people were. Very welcoming and offered to meet with me when I…


How to find an International job at Microsoft

Yesterday, the International Program Manager for our recruiting system stopped by my office to say hi (what can I say…people like me…hee!). I had done some work with her when we launched the system in the US…I was a trainer and SME for the system (I just like to say SME). Anyhoo, she has been…