My app was working before but now i get access denied

Several folks have run in to issues, where their application was working fine at some point and now they see an error like –  [HealthServiceAccessDeniedException: Access is denied.]   Microsoft.Health.EasyWebRequest.WaitForCompletion() +438   Microsoft.Health.EasyWebRequest.Fetch(Uri url) +150…   Microsoft.Health.AuthenticatedConnection.Authenticate() +79…  The cases typically are- The application was working fine in PPE (pre production environment) or Production environment and you recently…

My app does not work after turning on SSL

If your application is working fine before you configure IIS to use SSL, make sure the following is set in your web.config (under configuration\appsettings): <add key=”WCPage_SSLForSecure” value=”true” />  We recently ran in to some of our application solution providers having this problem due to WCPage_SSLForSecure being set to false. A more detailed documentation of various…


Troubleshooter: Error accessing site

This error occurs when the troubleshooter cannot access a specific site. If the error occurs when trying to access, this could indicate generate network problems, or it could indicate a proxy issue. The web.config files in the samples contain a defaultProxy setting that can be enabled to use a proxy. If the error occurs…


Troubleshooter: Application Certificate cannot be accessed

Currently, the platform prepends the characters “WildcatApp-” to the application ID, and uses that as the name of the certificate to look up. So, the certificate that HelloWorld uses is: WildcatApp-05a059c9-c309-46af-9b86-b06d42510550 If the certificate cannot be accessed, the application will not run. There are several possible causes: The certificate is not installed in the machine’s…


Troubleshooter: Missing or incorrect ApplicationId

In the web.config file, the ApplicationId section is missing or incorrectly formatted. The entry should look like the following: <add key=”ApplicationId” value=”05a059c9-c309-46af-9b86-b06d42510550″ /> where the value is a valid GUID.