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  1. Ruby says:

    I have and e-mail that is, and this does happen to me. But when I try to sign in with windows live it tells me that my email doesn’t exist?

  2. The behaviors that you describe are consistent with the user experience that you’d get when the email address you are trying does not exist yet.  LiveId has two slightly different sign-up flows:

    * wrap existing email account with a LiveId

    * create a brand new email account + LiveId

    In the first flow, you already have email through another provider and you just want to be able to use this address to sign in to LiveId.  That is the flow that you must be in if you are seeing the message above.  You can only enter email addresses here that are *not* against domains that are powered by LiveId, which we call "reserved domains."

    If you have an address through a reserved domain then the domain administrator decides which aliases are LiveIds and which aren’t.  But is administered by Microsoft and all aliases there should be LiveIds.

    What happens if you go to the "Create a New LiveId" flow at and try to create your email address again?  Does it tell you that this name is already taken?

  3. I am trying to get to the right person which so far has been next to impossible to somehow remove the "reserved domain" status of a domain that I control.  It once was a Windows Custom Domain and for more than a year it hasn’t been.  I deleted all the email addresses and then removed the domain from my managed accounts.

    When anyone tries to use their email address to get a live ID associated in that domain it is rejected as being a managed domain.

    I could use some help here.


  4. Updated contact info for support on Windows Live Custom Domains:

    -Chris Tremonte

    Microsoft HealthVault Developer Program

  5. kris says:

    for some reason windows live will not accept my address as an added email address to my account. it keeps telling me This email address can't be added because it's part of a reserved domain. Please enter an email address with a different domain. i can add a or but that's not my damn email. HELP!

  6. Good question, Kris. I don't have first-hand experience with that scenario but my best guess is that the address already is itself a LiveId b/c it is on a reserved domain… and that maybe the LiveId "add an email address to your account" workflow only allows non-LiveId email addresses to be added. Did that make any sense?

    To say it a different way — I am hypothesizing that the "add an email address" function does not allow you to merge two LiveIds into one, but it does let you add a non-LiveId email address to an existing LiveId.

    I do know that the "create a new LiveId" workflow is sensitive to whether the email address is on a reserved domain. Email addresses on reserved domains already are LiveIds, so you can't "wrap" such an email address with a new LiveId. In some cases (Live@Edu comes to mind) an email address on a reserved domain may not yet be a LiveId but the central Microsoft system cannot create such LiveIds b/c that function has been delegated to an administrator who controls the domain in question.

    Please reach out to us via the HealthVault Developer Forum (…/threads) or via the HealthVault Developer Support request form (…/default.aspx) if you have further questions on this. We don't follow/moderate the blog comments as rigorously as we monitor the Forums & form input.

    -Chris Tremonte

    Solutions Architect, Microsoft Health Solutions Group

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