Can I develop HealthVault applications using something other than .NET?

HealthVault is an XML-based API that is accessed over https and can be called from any platform that supports that approach, but there are caveats to doing so.

You should start by reading our announcement to understand how we are approaching this area.

The following libraries are currently available:

All of these libraries are currently in an early state of development, and partners that use them are likely to be writing a fair amount of library-level code themselves. There are a few things that we're doing to make that process easier:

  1. The libraries we've released contain some of the hard code around authentication, and we will consider doing that for other platforms based on partner interest.

  2. We are releasing the source of the .NET libraries in the near future, which should make developing similar libraries much easier.

We are also working closely with selected partners who are going down this route, and will consider working with others on a case-by-case basis.

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  1. I am super-excited to say that, as of last week, we have officially released the HealthVault service

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