My app was working before but now i get access denied

Several folks have run in to issues, where their application was working fine at some point and now they see an error like –  [HealthServiceAccessDeniedException: Access is denied.]   Microsoft.Health.EasyWebRequest.WaitForCompletion() +438   Microsoft.Health.EasyWebRequest.Fetch(Uri url) +150…   Microsoft.Health.AuthenticatedConnection.Authenticate() +79…  The cases typically are- The application was working fine in PPE (pre production environment) or Production environment and you recently…

Can I develop HealthVault applications using something other than .NET?

HealthVault is an XML-based API that is accessed over https and can be called from any platform that supports that approach, but there are caveats to doing so. You should start by reading our announcement to understand how we are approaching this area. The following libraries are currently available: A Java library (CodePlex) A Ruby library (CodePlex) A Ruby…


Are the SDK samples available in VB?

Currently, all of our samples are available only in C#. If there is sufficient partner interest in us providing the samples in VB as well, we will consider doing that, but for now we are focusing on expanding our sample set and improving our documentation.


My app does not work after turning on SSL

If your application is working fine before you configure IIS to use SSL, make sure the following is set in your web.config (under configuration\appsettings): <add key=”WCPage_SSLForSecure” value=”true” />  We recently ran in to some of our application solution providers having this problem due to WCPage_SSLForSecure being set to false. A more detailed documentation of various…


XPS files and the .net framework

Much of the HealthVault SDK documentation uses the XPS file format.  If you do not have an XPS viewer installed then you may be prompted to install an updated version of the .net framework in order to view the file.  This step would be sufficient but isn’t necessary — you can get just the viewer…


Where do I put my bits?

An application developer recently asked how much of a HealthVault-compatible application and its data are hosted on Microsoft servers versus servers that the developer maintains.  Here is an answer: The application resides on a server that you maintain Consumer health data resides on a HealthVault server.  Your app server can read from and write to…