Troubleshooter: Error accessing site

This error occurs when the troubleshooter cannot access a specific site. If the error occurs when trying to access, this could indicate generate network problems, or it could indicate a proxy issue. The web.config files in the samples contain a defaultProxy setting that can be enabled to use a proxy. If the error occurs…


Troubleshooter: Application Certificate cannot be accessed

Currently, the platform prepends the characters “WildcatApp-” to the application ID, and uses that as the name of the certificate to look up. So, the certificate that HelloWorld uses is: WildcatApp-05a059c9-c309-46af-9b86-b06d42510550 If the certificate cannot be accessed, the application will not run. There are several possible causes: The certificate is not installed in the machine’s…


Troubleshooter: Missing or incorrect ApplicationId

In the web.config file, the ApplicationId section is missing or incorrectly formatted. The entry should look like the following: <add key=”ApplicationId” value=”05a059c9-c309-46af-9b86-b06d42510550″ /> where the value is a valid GUID.