Developing a US application outside of the US…

Q: I’ve noticed that HealthVault is launched only in the US. If my company is located outside the US, can we develop an application or add device support to HealthVault?


A: Yes


While HealthVault users are currently limited to the US, non-US companies can develop applications that use it, or create device drivers to connect to it.


The location of a user is determined based on the “Country/Region” setting in that user’s Live ID account. For development and test purposes, non-US companies can create a Live ID that has “United States” set as the country/region, and these IDs will be able to access the HealthVault systems.


----- UPDATE. 25 Sep 2008. -----


HealthVault now checks the country on the HealthVault account rather than the Live ID country.  This check is done on account creation.  HealthVault also checks that the client machine is located in the United States.  These checks are only done in the production HealthVault environment. 


HealthVault-PPE accounts can be created from anywhere but production HealthVault accounts can now only be created from within the US.  If you travel abroad then your existing account will still work, but you cannot create a production account from outside the US.

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