Troubleshooter: Error accessing site

This error occurs when the troubleshooter cannot access a specific site. If the error occurs when trying to access, this could indicate generate network problems, or it could indicate a proxy issue. The web.config files in the samples contain a defaultProxy setting that can be enabled to use a proxy. If the error occurs…


Troubleshooter: Application Certificate cannot be accessed

Currently, the platform prepends the characters “WildcatApp-” to the application ID, and uses that as the name of the certificate to look up. So, the certificate that HelloWorld uses is: WildcatApp-05a059c9-c309-46af-9b86-b06d42510550 If the certificate cannot be accessed, the application will not run. There are several possible causes: The certificate is not installed in the machine’s…


Troubleshooter: Missing or incorrect ApplicationId

In the web.config file, the ApplicationId section is missing or incorrectly formatted. The entry should look like the following: <add key=”ApplicationId” value=”05a059c9-c309-46af-9b86-b06d42510550″ /> where the value is a valid GUID.


How do I find out who created an item?

If you fetch the audit information, you can find out who made a specific change. If there are multiple versions of a specific item, you may need to fetch them all. See this post for more information


HealthVault users outside the US

Q: We’re interested in developing a HealthVault applications, but our users are not in the US. Are there any plans for supporting other regions as well?   A: While supporting HealthVault outside of the US is consistent with our long-term vision, we have no announced plans to support other regions.


Developing a US application outside of the US…

Q: I’ve noticed that HealthVault is launched only in the US. If my company is located outside the US, can we develop an application or add device support to HealthVault?   A: Yes   While HealthVault users are currently limited to the US, non-US companies can develop applications that use it, or create device drivers…


The SDK reference is empty

If you open the SDK reference from the HealthVault dev center, you get a table of contents but no content. This happens because there is javascript used within the CHM file, and the OS security will not let it run if it comes from the internet zone. To view the content, download the file, view…


Is there a way to create relationships between items, such as one-to-many or composition?

New Answer (May 2009, although this was released a few months ago): Yes.   We now call this feature “Related Items.”  We have added support to the base thing type which understands how to link to the GUIDs of other specific HealthRecordItem instances. For more information and some sample code, check out Eric Gunnerson’s tutorial post on Related Items.   ——–…


I’m getting a ‘keyset does not exist error’ after installing a certificate

When a certificate is first installed, it is installed for the current user. The web page that needs access to the certificate is running either under NETWORK_SERVICE (if you’re using the VS dev server) or ASPNET (if you’re using IIS). You need to grant access to the appropriate process so it can get to the…