Launch event coverage

There are some pictures and a few short videos of the launch event posted here.


HealthVault and Certificates

A short introduction to certificates and how they relate to HealthVault HealthVault and Certificates


Promo code request

Our promo code email is now functioning correctly. If you need a promo code, go to the request page.


Using the SDK on Windows Server 2003

If you’re running on windows server 2003, you may run into problems trying to install the SDK. Here’s what you can do to workaround the problem: Copy HealthVaultSDK.exe to a directory (c:\junk\test for this example) Extract the files:HealthVaultSDK.exe /C /T:c:\junk\test\ type “hs_sdk.msi” That will install the SDK to your machine. Note that while the SDK…


Promo codes and accounts…

(The email doesn’t have to be the one associated with your live id)  Our promo code alias is having some problems. If you get a bounce on the email, you can go ahead and send an email through the contact page of this blog. You will also need to create a liveid to use to login….


First steps…

We have a Getting Started guide on the dev center that has most of the information you need, but here’s the quick overview, with a few late-breaking clarifications. To get the sample applications running, you need: An account on the HealthVault developer site (currently at  The SDK, downloaded and correctly configured A developer account To get…


Learning more about HealthVault

If you’re reading this post, I’m presuming a couple of things. You are interested in HealthVault, and you are in search of more information. Here’s what we have for you: HealthVault Developer Center This is the MSDN developer center for HealthVault, and has all the information that you would expect to find it a dev…