HealthVault SDK for .NET Standard

We are pleased to announce a preview of our new SDK for HealthVault targeting .NET Standard.  The new SDK provides a fresh, modern API for developing your HealthVault applications, and adds support for HealthVault to Xamarin and UWP apps.  The SDK is available for developers on NuGet under the Microsoft.HealthVault.Client and Microsoft.HealthVault.Web packages; we also welcome contributions to the source in our repository on GitHub.

High Level Architecture

The .Net Standard implementation of the SDK supports both web and client apps with a shared backbone of standard clients that make primary workflows straightforward, and support for enabling more niche scenarios.


On the web or a client platform, your app will use a factory to create a connection object that it then uses to interact with HealthVault.  Common tasks will be performed through the various Client interfaces, while the ExecuteAsync function provides the flexibility to directly make calls against the HealthVault XML API.

Key Benefits

The HealthVault SDK for .NET Standard allows you to bring HealthVault functionality to your customers on more platforms, including UWP and Xamarin.  Additionally, the new SDK leverages modern design patterns including asynchronous methods, and an autogenerated REST API based on Swagger. These all combine to help you deliver apps on HealthVault faster than ever.

When to Upgrade

The HealthVault .NET Standard SDK is available in preview today and supports the following platforms. If you are writing a new app using HealthVault, we encourage you to give the new SDK a try and send us your feedback at our GitHub site. We welcome all feedback as we iterate towards an official release.

HealthVault SDK ASP.NET Webforms ASP.NET MVC .NET Desktop UWP Android iOS
.NET Standard Supported Supported Supported Supported by Xamarin Supported by Xamarin
.NET Supported Supported Supported
Objective-C Supported
Java Supported

Feature Set Comparison

The .NET Standard SDK supports the most common scenarios, however, it does not support the following scenarios at this time.

  • PatientConnect
  • DOPU (Drop Off, Pick Up)
  • Meaningful Use 2 reporting


Please use the MSDN Forum to report any issues.


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