Health Technology Forum: Toronto

The recently organized Toronto chapter of the Health Technology Forum has created a Meet-Up portal for their members.   In their own words…

At our local meet-ups, we discuss real-life technology use-cases from hospitals, doctor offices, medical billing, insurance, remote monitoring, pharmaceuticals, health-and-wellness, individuals, proactive and engaged patients, and various patient-care services. Subject matter experts, users, entrepreneurs, regulators, and providers will address each other's needs and solutions. The objective is to connect entrepreneurs with professionals who are addressing these real-life problems that exist in the healthcare ecosystem. We will review how low-cost, scalable, deployable systems can meet or exceeds the needs of 21st century care-giving for everyone.

Interested parties should consider joining their Chapter Kickoff event on April 8, 2013.   The HealthVault team is a long-time supporter of healthcare innovation and we look forward to partnering in regional initiatives accordingly.    We’ve recently published a useful Resources for Code-Fest Innovators article and our team will be participating in the “sure to be fun” Cajun Code Fest scheduled in April, 2013.   We encourage your collaboration in these events!

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