HealthVault 1001 Release

HealthVault 1001 release is now available in the  HealthVault pre-production environment. This release will be available in the production environment next week.

The associated version of .NET SDK is available here. Please note the DLL version of .NET SDK for this release is 1.1.2193.4712 and file version is 1.2.2243.4915.

This is our first release after the holidays and the nature of this update is minor. We are pleased to introduce following new features and functionalities :

Re-designed Data Editors in HealthVault Shell  : We have redesigned three data editors in HealthVault Shell - Medication, Immunization, and Contacts. These editors are based on a reengineered infrastructure. To try out these controls, just sign into your HealthVault account, click on ‘Add, view or edit information’ and then choose to add a new 'Medication', 'Immunization', or 'Emergency or Provider Contact'.

imageFig 1. Immunization Control

Alternate Contact Information: HealthVault users are now able to have alternate contact information such as postal address and additional email address. It will be used to send important service notices, or in an event that could affect the security or availability of their information. To add alternate contact information, just sign into your HealthVault account, click on ‘Your Account’ in upper right corner.


Fig 2. Alternate Contact Information

Redesigned Application Configuration Center: We have redesigned application configuration center. This new  look and feel brings this developer tool closer to rest of HealthVault properties.  We have also made an effort to show actions more clearly, and highlight details of logged-in user. Please feel free to leave comments in this post, to recommend modifications or features in this developer utility.


Fig 3. New look and feel of Application Configuration Center

New .NET SDK Installer : We have reworked the SDK installer to ease its maintenance and enable richer setup work flow. The installer now drops the developer on a friendly screen which enables launching HealthVault Application Manager.

imageFig 4. New SDK Installer enabling a developer to Launch Application Manager

In addition to above major changes we are enabling GetApplicationInfo method to be invoked in an offline context; and the WebApplicationCredential class in the .NET SDK now creates a connection using a certificate object.

As usual please leave your feedback in the comments. It will be great if you can try out this release in pre-production before we go to production next week.

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