HealthVault 0910 Release

HealthVault 0910 release is now available in the HealthVault pre-production environments. You can download the associated SDK (v1.1.2193.4712). This release will be available in HealthVault production environment within next week or so.

This release just before the Holidays has some very interesting features aka gifts for our partners. We are excited to introduce following new features in this release.

Streaming APIs

0910 release of HealthVault platform & SDK introduces support for streaming.  Streaming enables storing large documents in HealthVault. Detailed documentation and sample code for this feature will be available shortly.

Medical Imaging Support

Using the streaming APIs and the Medical Image Study data type, applications can upload DICOM image studies to an HealthVault users record. Detailed documentation and sample code to use this feature will be available shortly.

Improvements in Standards Compliance

CCR -  We added support for the Exercise, Peak Flow, and Blood Oxygen Saturation, Radiology Lab Results, and the new v3 Family History v3 data type for CCR import & export.

CCD Export -  We expanded the types supported by the CCD export transform.  Allergy, Condition, Immunization, Medications, Family History – can now be exported as CCD. Please Note: For this release, only narrative blocks will be created for the Family History data type. We also added support for exporting data types to CCD through the HealthVault Shell.

HealthRecordExporter was improved to automatically download the specified export transform.

In addition to above we did numerous minor standard compliance improvements.

Reconcile Status Discoverability

Applications can now determine the reconcile status of any CCR or CCD reconciled.  Upon reconcile completion HealthVault will add a Status item to the record and relate it to the CCR or CCD that has been reconciled.  Applications can determine the status by querying for Status items related to the CCR or CCD where the status type is “Reconcile Complete”.

Your application will need to request authorization to the “Status” data type to access this information.  The status is not applied retroactively to CCR or CCD documents reconciled prior to this release.  You may want to validate the HealthVault Shell created the related Status item before using it.  HealthVault Shell will only respect related Status information that it created when displaying the status to the user.

Record Export Usability Improvements

The option to export a record to a CCR or CCD document in the HealthVault Shell has been relocated to a more discoverable location on the record’s Health information tab.

HTML enabled Notification E-Mails

The format of notification emails that HealthVault platform sends has been changed from plain text to HTML. The HealthVault platform sends email in following action contexts : Create Account, Sharing Invitation, Update Contact Email Address, Remove App Record Auth & CCR/CCD Reconciliation. This improves usability of email, especially users can now follow an hyperlink to take an action instead of copying and pasting a lengthy URL from email.

Here is an example of sharing invitation :


Signup Codes

In these release we are introducing Signup codes. This feature allows selected providers (e.g. Bumrungrad in Thailand) to issue signup codes that enable non-US users to signup for a HealthVault account.

CCR & CCD Transforms

Applications can now access the CCR and CCD transforms from HealthVault. The transforms are available in Pre-production as and . The URLs will be similar in production with healthvault-ppe replaced by healthvault.

Data Types

We versioned the Family History data type to support family tree scenario. We also versioned the basic data type to store codable values for state/province and country. A new data type - “status” was created to store CCR/CCD reconciliation status.

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