Exception when reading device data created by HealthVault Connection Center

The 0901 release of the platform has an issue that may cause problems for applications that access device data that was created from HealthVault Connection center. It occurs in the following situation:

  • The data is coming from a device and is imported into HealthVault by HealthVault Connection center.
  • The device produces samples data (such as heart rate samples or step samples)
  • The application is using an older version of the HealthVault SDK
    (older than the PB9 release, version 0.12.1887.3322, dated 9/22/2008

Connection Center now creates instances of the Exercise class and relates them to other instances (in this case, ExerciseSample instances) using the client-id feature. SDK versions before PB9 are not able to successfully parse this client-id information, and throw the following exception:

        NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.]

        Microsoft.Health.HealthRecordItemRelationship.ParseXml(XPathNavigator relationshipNav)
        Microsoft.Health.CommonItemData.ParseXml(XPathNavigator commonNav)
        Microsoft.Health.HealthRecordItem.AddXmlSectionValues(XPathNavigator thingNavigator)

The fix is to upgrade the HealthVault SDK to a newer release.

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