HealthVault PB8 release is now available.

Our PB8 release has been deployed to both the developer (ppe) and live servers. Here's an overview of what's in it:




Over the past few months, we listened to solution providers, customers, and consumers about changes they would like to see to Microsoft® HealthVault™.   As a result, we have made some enhancements including refreshing the HealthVault website, and redesigning the HealthVault account user experience.


Enhancements include improved editing functionality, more intuitive navigation, stronger illustrations and information for solution providers and consumers, as well as broader exposure for Live Search Health.  These efforts enhance the overall user experience and as such continuously increase the value of HealthVault integration for solution providers and their constituents.


Users who sign in to create a HealthVault account will see a redesigned user experience with significant improvements in navigation and usability.  Among these will be the ability to create or edit some types of data within HealthVault, and enabling users to annotate and manage their data more efficiently.  This new experience will also make it easier for users to distinguish and switch between records within HealthVault.


We are continually assessing ways to meet the needs of all our core audiences and evaluate changes that benefit solution providers, customers, and consumers alike.

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  1. ws10591 says:

    The ability to "edit" blood glucose meter measurments are more than anyone could ask for.

    Is there a location to vote against allowing the modification of blood glucose meter readings?

  2. The user is allowed to edit any information that is in HealthVault. That is part of our agreement with them.

    Applications can use the audit information to determine the source of the information, and if an application wants to ignore glucose readings that have been modified, it can choose to do that.

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