HealthVault SDK Update – new data types, a few API changes…

We've released a new SDK in the usual place (ie find it via the MSDN site). In it, there are the following changes:

New Data Types:

Concern records a concern that a person has - "worried about my weight", or "having trouble sleeping". This differs from condition in that it is about how a person feels about something.

Contraindication is used to store substances (food or drugs) that interact badly with a condition the person has or a drug the person it taking. For example, patients on drug thinners need be careful with leafy green vegetables.

Encounter has been revised to include a reason for the encounter, and location has been changed to facility, with a new backing type (Organization). The previous encounter type is still available but has been renamed to EncounterOld. Data written with the old type is not readable with the new type.

Family History can be captured in FamilyHistoryPerson and FamilyHistoryCondition.  

LabTestResults has been updated considerably.

All of the new data types are in a new dll named Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes.dll, and you will need to add it to your project to use those types.

In other news...

HealthRecordAccessor.GetPeopleForRecord() provides a way for an application to find out which people have access to a specific record. This is allowed only if the current user is a custodian of the record.

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