HealthVault Application Configuration Center

The second tool that is now available is the HealthVault Application Configuration Center. While in the past you would have had to make requests to make modifications to your configurations on the development servers (ie, you will now be able to make those changes yourself.

The configuration center uses a HealthVault user account to track who you are, so we suggest that you pick one that is appropriate for your development team (it's probably not the one used by a single person).

Once you've chosen the account, there are two ways to get an application visible.

If you already have an application id on the development servers, you can submit a request to have that application associated with your user account. You do this through the submit form, where you can specify the id and name of the application you want to claim. Note that you also need to send an email so it's easier to match you with your application.

If you don't already have your own app id, you can create a new one in the application manager, and then choose "upload" to upload it to the configuration center. In that case, the application will show up immediately.

Once you have an application registered, you can:

  • Change the name, action url, logo, description, and data access reason

  • Define what methods the application is allowed to call

  • Specify what data types your application is allowed to use, for base and optional auth, and for online and offline access

  • Enter the "why" string for each data type, explaining to the user how your program uses that data.

  • Update your certificate

  • Control miscellaneous application settings

Any changes that you make will show up immediately (or, if not immediately, very soon) in the developer environment.

When you reach the point that you want to deploy your application against the consumer servers (ie "go live"), your application configuration in the developer environment can be used as a template. Going live still requires the same level of review as it did before, and if you keep your data type access as minimal as possible, that process will be simpler and easier for all of us.



Comments (3)

  1. afarhad says:

    There is not "upload" link present in the Application Configuration Center. Any idea what could be wrong?

  2. If you are having issues around application manager, please ask in the healthvault forum linked to on the MSDN site.

  3. HealthVault says:

    We have refreshed the application configuration center . This tool along with Application Manager lets

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