Do you use the CHM file, or just the online docs?

Do you use the CHM file (ie .NET API docs) that ships as part of the SDK, or do you just use the online docs on MSDN?

We're trying to determine if we need to use both.

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  1. Tim Thein says:

    I use the CHM file because it’s simply faster.  If there were any announced documentation updates, I would use the online docs in combination with the CHM file.

  2. Skip Valentine says:

    CHM here… I’m not always connected to the internet from my development notebook. And, in my limited experience with the online docs, the local docs are just much faster.

  3. Nektar says:

    CHM files are generally much much better but many people don’t bather to download them and then enable them, so keep CHM files please.

  4. Hi Eric,

    I use both.

    When I’m connected to Internet I use a lot of times the online documentation because is updated, but If I need a quickly information I use the CHM files.

    I hope that helps.

  5. Kryptiq DevDude says:

    I only use the online docs in the hopes that new, shiny documentation will show up there as it’s available.

  6. CHM are a must – can’t surf the online docs while traveling or sitting on airplane!

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