Uploading a file to HealthVault

Uploading a file to HealthVault 



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  1. Uploading a file to HealthVault…( read more )

  2. Thac Tran says:

    I have a few questions on the CCD:

    (1)  From the CCD sample provided in the SDK, after I have uploaded to the Health Vault. Can I view the uploaded CCD by signing in the HealthVault directly?  I cannot find it anywhere in there?

    (2) I can only find it at http://connect.microsofthealthbeta.com/types/types.aspx  on the View things column.  Is this only for Health Vault Developer?

  3. We will better be able to answer your question if you ask on the HealthVault forums. You can find that on the healthault MSDN page.

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