Reinventing and moving beyond the EHR. The proof is all around us.

HealthITNews reports that at least one popular EHR vendor (eClinicalWorks) is launching the flagship version of its cloud service solution by saying, “Don’t call it an EHR”. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by that as the latest EHR satisfaction survey from the AMA and Medscape shows that while EHR adoption by physicians has surpassed 80 percent, clinician satisfaction…


Bringing clinical workflow to life with Microsoft and Windows 10

On Wednesday, July 29th, Microsoft releases Windows 10. The world awaits. Of course here at Microsoft, many of us have been testing and using early builds, and now the final build, of Windows 10 for quite some time. In fact, millions of people who don’t work at Microsoft, those who participated in the Windows Insider program, have also…


It’s what you do next…..with your EMR

Yesterday, I had the honor of delivering a luncheon keynote address at the LifeScience Alley annual conference and exhibition in Minneapolis.  Despite the major snowstorm that swept the Midwest this week, more than 1200 people showed up for this annual gathering of movers and shakes in the life sciences industries.  On my way through the…


The “Green Patient Lab” provides a glimpse of future healing environments

Today I’m in Phoenix, Arizona, to keynote at what is for me a different kind of industry conference.  Each year, I provide dozens of keynotes at industry conferences for healthcare providers and information technologists all over the world.  But this one is special; special because this conference is about something every bit as important as…


Remedies for the Meltdown: What savvy healthcare organizations need to do now

In the January 6th edition of Hospitals and Health Networks Weekly on-line journal, my colleague Ian Morrison offers an insightful editorial on the impact of the world financial meltdown on health and healthcare.  He rightfully points out that the health industry isn’t immune from financial downturns; only that the painful effects are often delayed a…


Hopping along toward better health in Western Australia

Regular HealthBlog readers know that I often find symbolism in things that I see as I travel the world.  In Japan it was a wooden bridge in a serene garden.  In Switzerland it was the Swiss Army Knife.  In Banff Canada it was a ladder reaching toward a star on top a Christmas tree.  Here…


Warning! For American clinicians only

OK, I hope the headline caught your attention.  If you are a clinician, keep reading.  If you are not a doctor, nurse or other healthcare provider it’s OK to read this too.  In fact, you probably should. A regular theme on HealthBlog has been the growing use of contemporary, lower-priced, very powerful, knowledge worker solutions…


Mailbag: HealthBlog readers confirm some important trends

I wanted to share a couple of insightful comments on previous HealthBlog posts that I received this week.  One reader responds to my post about a public hospital in Spain, Torrevieja Salud, that I wrote about while attending a health leaders event in Barcelona last December.  Using commodity software solutions and development tools from Microsoft and some of our…


Bridging the Gaps in Healthcare IT

I’m sitting in Narita Airport waiting for my flight back to Seattle and reflecting on my experiences at the STS Forum in Kyoto and the meetings I had with customers in Tokyo. Besides the opportunity to hear from Japan’s new prime minister, I was thrilled to attend a luncheon presentation given by the Chairman of Toyota, Mr….


If Disney Did Healthcare: Part 2

  Last April I posted a piece on this Blog entitled “If Disney Did Healthcare”.  I commented that there was a lot the healthcare industry could learn from Disney about customer service, customer experience, and customer satisfaction.  It was one of those posts that generated a number of comments.  The following month, I posted a piece called “If Wal-Mart…