What you and I want, and will, see at HIMSS this year

imageSo you’re getting ready for the annual trek to HIMSS which this year is being held in Chicago, April 13-16. That means, at least compared to last year’s event in Orlando, you’ll need to pack your suitcase a little differently. You’ll need to be prepared for everything from icy cold, wind and rain, to sunshine with or without humidity. You might even get all of that in the same day!

If this happens to be your first visit to HIMSS, be sure to pack comfortable shoes and something for the headache you’ll most certainly get from too much to drink, not enough sleep, spotty food, and every kind of assault to your senses. Even for us veterans, HIMSS is an overwhelming cornucopia of technologies, devices, and solutions sometimes mixed with just a bit too much hype.

What should you look for at HIMSS this year? As one of those HIMSS veterans, here is what I want to see:

Healthcare-215Healthcare-317Electronic medical record and hospital information system solutions with a heavy dose of cloud and much improved user interfaces.

Cloud service providers that have nailed the compliance, security and privacy requirements of healthcare.

Solutions that work across of wide variety of sleek, well-engineered and downright sexy touch enabled mobile devices that provide clinicians with the information they need at home, in the clinic or hospital, and anywhere else they might be.

More modular solutions that can be customized to meet the entertainment, education, communication, and information requirements of hospitalized patients while providing easy access to clinical content for physicians and nurses.

imageimageSolutions and technologies that improve clinical productivity by facilitating entirely new ways for clinicians and care teams to communicate, collaborate and get their work done.

Lower priced, almost commodity-based solutions for doing advanced analytics and population health with amazing data visualization including geo-special imaging and even natural language processing, that are robust, yet intuitive, and don’t require a degree in data science to operate.

imageimageSolutions that bring care and services into the patient’s own home using technologies that quite often are already there.

Wearable devices that go beyond meeting the needs of fitness fanatics to include what you are doing at home, at work, and everywhere in between and are capable of providing, from all the data they gather, actionable insights to improve health and work-life balance.

Mind-blowing new technologies that take what we call the user-interface to entirely new dimensions of immersive, mobile, three- dimensional experiences.

If these are some of the same things you want to see this year, then I hope you’ll stop by Booth #1202 (Microsoft). You’ll be able to see all of the above, and more from Microsoft and dozens of our most innovative partners. Even better, you can see it all in one place! Please come by and say “hello”.  We’ll be looking for you, with or without your inevitable headache.

Bill Crounse, MD            Senior Director, Worldwide Health          Microsoft


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