See more patients. Finish chart work before you head home.

I’m able to see a few more patients each day”.

I’m able to go home at the end of the day knowing that my work is done and that my charts are complete”?

Whenever I hear this from a physician colleague, I know that we are making significant progress. Believe me, I am well aware how most doctors feel about the intrusion of information technology (especially the EMR) into their lives. Technology that was intended to make clinicians more productive and improve the quality of care is actually slowing us down. Some physicians are even debating whether the EMR is improving the care they deliver or introducing entirely new kinds of errors into the records they keep.

Embedded image permalinkI am a firm believer that most EMR software isn’t anywhere near where it ultimately needs to be if physicians are to fully embrace it. I also know that all too often the devices clinicians are using to run this software are less than optimal. Doctors, nurses and other clinicians need highly mobile devices that work they way they do. They need devices that don’t get in the way during patient encounters. Fixed desktop computers or even computers on wheels are not the best solutions for highly mobile healthcare professionals.

While I cannot offer a fix for poorly designed EMR software or clumsy user interfaces, I can recommend a solution that will likely improve your experience no matter what EMR software is being used. There is now an entirely new generation of fast, highly mobile, touch and pen-friendly computing devices. They come in a wide variety of form factors and screen sizes. They are available from many different manufacturers.

One device that is definitely winning the hearts and minds of physicians is the Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft. I have many examples and case studies I could share with you, but there is nothing like hearing it directly from a practicing physician. So, please watch the video below with Dr. Brian Keeffe, a cardiologist who practices in California. You’ll hear what so many physicians have been telling me after they’ve been using a Surface Pro 3, regardless of the EMR software they use. They are seeing more patients and going home at the end of the day knowing that their records are complete.


Bill Crounse, MD              Senior Director, Worldwide Health         Microsoft

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