Unabashedly addicted to my Surface Pro 3 at home, at work and on the road

imageHealthBlog readers, and even those who don’t read HealthBlog, know that I am unabashedly a fan of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. As I have proclaimed here before, my Surface Pro 3 is the best computing device I have ever used. I don’t say that lightly, and certainly not because I work at Microsoft. I say it based on my own experience using Surface Pro 3 at work and at home, as well as during my travels around the world. I also say it after listening to respected peers and colleagues who are now using Surface Pro 3 in patient care. These are doctors, nurses and other clinicians who have discovered why Surface Pro 3 offers the perfect blend of everything a healthcare provider needs for this demanding profession we call healthcare.

I’m writing this today because our Surface team has just made available a new infographic and whitepaper produced by HIMSS Media. The infographic nicely summarizes some of the important attributes of Surface that make it such a compelling device for clinicians. In the whitepaper, you’ll learn why so many practicing physicians are discovering that Surface Pro 3 is not only satisfying to use, it is making them more productive.



If you are a doctor, nurse, or other kind of clinician and work in a private office, clinic or hospital, I would urge you to take Surface Pro 3 for a test drive. With Surface Pro 3, you’ll be able to run your legacy EMR/HIS applications, departmental solutions, and modern apps on a well-engineered and beautiful device that will not only delight you, but also delight your enterprise IT department. Surface Pro 3 delivers the goods for IT professionals who need to manage devices in the enterprise in order to protect sensitive patient and organizational data.

You can learn more about Surface Pro 3 in healthcare by downloading a PDF copy of the whitepaper and infographic. I believe once you get your hands on a Surface Pro 3, it will win you over just as it has me and so many of my clinical colleagues who work in healthcare.

Bill Crounse, MD                 Senior Director, Worldwide Health            Microsoft

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