A better together story for physician -patient satisfaction, Epic + Surface

imageHow many times have I heard from my physician colleagues that their computer and electronic medical record are getting in the way of patient care. By that they mean, coming between them and their patients. If you have ever used a clinical workstation in the exam room or even a laptop, both you and your patient may feel that the computer is an unwelcome intrusion in the doctor-patient relationship. That’s because a paper chart that you might hold in your hand, write down a few notes in, or reference now and then as you interview your patient, just feels more natural. In fact, some exam room computer set-ups actually require the physician to have his/her back to the patient during their use.

WIN13_Hiawatha_SurfacePro2_02A new generation of tablet computers is addressing this problem by giving clinicians an experience that is much more akin to holding and referencing an old fashioned chart, but with all the amenities of a robust, enterprise class electronic solution. These “clinical grade” tablet computers are as capable as a desktop replacement as they are a highly mobile, clinical companion in the exam room.

Recently we asked a friend and colleague of mine, Dr. Ed Zabrek, to elaborate a bit on why he thinks his Surface Pro computer is exactly what’s needed in clinical medicine. Dr. Zabrek is a practicing OB-GYN who is affiliated with a healthcare system using Epic’s popular electronic medical record. Listen to him explain why Surface + Epic is one heck of a great “better together” story for clinical workflow.

Dr. Ed Zabrek on Surface + Epic

If you like what you see, hurry on down to your Microsoft Store for a hands-on demo, or go on-line to take advantage of a special, limited-time offer for clinicians. But hurry, this offer expires on March 15.

Bill Crounse, MD      Senor Director, Worldwide Health         Microsoft

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  1. Tony Halat says:

    You are missing a tremendous opportunity with the surface/epic combo.  At my hospital currently few medical providers use a tablet on the old system (soarian) or the new system (epic).  Our hospital has just adopted epic and there are numerous trainers here from physicians technology partners showing physicians how to use epic on the desktop pcs

    Imagine if these trainers came with a surface in hand and there were surface tablets preloaded with epic to try out.  You would have tech savvy people actively promoting your device to precisely the people you want to buy it.  Providers would be much more willing to buy something they have tried out and found to be useful, even indispensable.   Unfortunately these trainers and the epic people could not even tell me if surface was compatible with epic.  

    This type of synergy could obviously be used in other areas to promote surface as well.  

    If you have any questions you can email me at ahalat@yahoo.com or anthony.halat@alegent.org.  I would have emailed you directly but that is not an option.  Thank you.  

  2. hlthblog says:


    Thanks for your post.  Without a doubt, the more individuals using and demonstrating Surface, the better.  

    In general, Microsoft has a very strong relationship with Epic—and every day we’re working to strengthen those bonds.  In the coming months, it is my hope that you’ll see great news about Epic + MS (and, in turn, Surface).

    Thanks for your support of Surface.

    Greg Davidson

    Microsoft Surface Team

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