Develop a health app for Windows 8.1 and possibly change the world

Iimaget’s been said that the world is being eaten by apps, applications that is. Whatever your need, it seems “there’s an app for that”.

For those of us in healthcare, it is hard to escape the proliferation of apps. There are clinical reference apps, apps for medical specialties, apps that serve as gateways to your EMR, apps to help you calculate physiological functions, drug doses, and more. And goodness knows there are thousands of apps that your patients are using every day. A recent report suggests that physiologic sensors, mobile applications, and consumer access to ubiquitous on-line experts may actually reduce the demand for physicians in the future.

All this may have you thinking, “Maybe I should get in the game by developing an app of my own for my professional colleagues or even my patients.” But wait! You’re not a computer programmer or a software developer. You’re a doctor, a nurse, a dietician, a hospital administrator. What do you know about building apps?

imageWell, it turns out that you probably know more than you think, and that building an app isn’t as daunting as it may seem. That’s why my colleagues and I are hosting a series of two special webcasts to help you understand what goes into designing and  building an app for Windows 8.1. Using hypothetical scenarios we’ll show you how to approach the task from scripting the general outline to designing and engineering your app.

Sure, you may need a little help along the way. But imagine having created an app used by thousands of your fellow clinicians or patients. Who knows, you might even change the world.

If this sounds interesting, and you are a healthcare expert, clinician, Microsoft partner, or a developer and have a penchant for creating cool new software to solve some of the most pressing needs in health and healthcare, please join us by registering for one or both of these special webcasts hosted by yours truly.

Series Description:

In this series of two, free, live webcasts, we will hear from app design and development experts on how to create apps that meet the specific requirements of healthcare users.

The two Academy Live Shows can be viewed individually, but you will get most value from watching both sessions. The sessions will also be available on-demand after the Live Show in case you miss them.

Hosted by:

  Bill Crounse, M.D. –
Senior Director, Worldwide Health,

Presented by:

  Bart Claeys – Creative Director, Ratio
  Jon Arnold – Windows Practice Lead, Ratio

Wednesday, February 19 - 8:00 am PST - Designing and Developing Patient Apps in Windows 8  (ALS051)

Wednesday, March 5 - 8:00am PST - Designing and Developing Healthcare Rounding Apps on Windows 8  (ALS052)

Bill Crounse, MD          Senior Director, Worldwide Health       Microsoft


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