Oh Canada! Talking healthcare IT with my neighbors up north.

This week I’m traveling through Western Canada with some of my Microsoft worldwide health colleagues who are based in Canada. Along the way, we are meeting with customers, partners and government officials. We started our journey in one of my favorite cities, Vancouver, B.C., which is a very short flight (or a couple hour’s drive)…


Exergaming, breaking down the walls of social isolation while improving health

If you think video games are just for kids, tweens and teens, you’d be terribly wrong. That’s how I started a blog post last April examining how senior citizens were improving their health and sense of well being with Kinect, Xbox 360, and Microsoft HealthVault. The article reviewed something known as “exergaming”, the practice of…


Improving clinical workflow and productivity. Are you focusing on the wrong things?

“Despite the billions of incentive dollars injected into the healthcare system to spur health information technology adoption and boost patient engagement, traditional forms of communication between provider and patient still dominate, according to a new study.” So writes Erin McCann, Associate Editor at Healthcare IT News. Ms. McCann reports on a new study of more…


Failing Grade for Health IT in Medical School?

When I was in medical school, and even throughout my residency program, medical records were totally on paper. Patient charts lived in three-ring binders that whirled about on large carousels in the nursing station. Some of those charts were literally overflowing with sheets of paper and sticky notes. Order sets were all on paper. Physician…


Vital patient information on the right devices at the right time and place

When I meet with clinical colleagues the conversation quickly turns to electronic medical records (EMR). I guess it would be no surprise to most of my HealthBlog readers that by and large, clinicians have a love-hate relationship with the EMR. While most doctors and nurses are not advocating that clinical workflow and documentation should be…


Argh! Slow going on EMR adoption in Puerto Rico

This week I’ve been hanging out at the beautiful El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico to meet with customer and partners at the annual conference of the Puerto Rico Hospital Association (Asociación De Hospitales De Puerto Rico).  I also had the honor of providing the opening keynote to the conference on Wednesday morning.  It was…


Partners for better healthcare through innovative use of IT

As my plane touched down at LAX last Friday a sense of Déjà vu rushed over me. I must have made that trip from Seattle to Los Angeles nearly five hundred times over my lifetime. Most of those round trips occurred during the decade that I hosted Physician’s Journal Update on Lifetime (Hearst, Viacom, ABC)….


Why accessible technology matters…… to all of us

What does the word accessible mean to you? You may first think of the word available. Something that is accessible is available, or perhaps within reach for you to use. However, just because something is available doesn’t necessarily mean it is accessible. For instance, if you are hard of hearing or have poor vision, or…