Famous Pediatric Hospital in Italy Improves Services and Saves Money with Microsoft Cloud E-mail Solution

imageBambino Gesù is a century’s old pediatric hospital located on the grounds of Vatican City in Rome.  That a pediatric hospital would be located in Vatican City might be enough to tickle your interest.  However, that is not the reason we are focusing on this top research hospital in Italy on our newest episode of Microsoft Health Tech Today.

According to Guilio Siccardi, the Chief Information Office at Bambino Gesù, the hospital had a problem with its e-mail system.  In fact, the problem they had is common in many hospitals around the world.  You see, imagehospital employees were complaining that the organization’s e-mail system didn’t match up to their expectations.  And where did those expectations come from?  Hospital employees including doctors and nurses were telling the CIO imagethat their experience wit the hospital’s IT infrastructure and e-mail didn’t measure up to what they were using at home!  In other words, compared to the consumer applications these employees were using in their personal lives, in some cases applications that were free over the web, the hospital’s e-mail system was pathetic.  Users complained among other things about the terrible user interface and the fact they couldn’t attach large files to e-mails at the hospital.

Mr. Siccardi also noted that it was costing him a fortune to keep the old e-mail system working.  He had an entire staff dedicated to help desk and administrative work needed to manage the old system.  He recognized that the hospital needed a different approach.  After doing his homework and looking at available alternatives he settled on a public cloud communication and collaboration solution offered by a local Microsoft partner.  Now, hospital imageemployees say they are delighted with the new system. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use.  Because it was just like the web-based applications employees were using at home, they didn’t need training on the new system.  Even more important, Mr. Siccardi told me he is saving a bundle of money not only on the application itself, but especially on the staff required to keep the old system up and  running.  Now he says, that staff has been deployed on building applications and solutions that are better aligned to the hospital’s mission – improving patient care.

On Health Tech Today find out more about the experience of Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital on their journey to the cloud.  I think you’ll agree what they did makes a whole lot of sense.   After all, what is your hospital’s core competency – managing an e-mail system or caring for patients?  Click below to watch the program, or visit our Microsoft Health Tech Today landing page to see this program and a directory for all of the programs in our series.

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Bill Crounse, MD                Senior Director, Worldwide Health              Microsoft

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