Software Helps Clinicians & Patients Better Manage Diabetes

imageOn our newest episode of Microsoft Health Tech Today, we connect with a prominent physician educator at  University College London.  Professor Peter Hindmarsh is affiliated with University College London’s developmental endocrinology research unit in the Institute of Child Health.  There he is leading the charge to improve the management of pediatric diabetes.

imageAround the world, the incidence of diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate.  Clinicians understand that if diabetes is controlled early, the incidence and severity of long-term complications is greatly reduced as is the lifelong cost of caring for patients with diabetes.  However, researchers also know that despite improvements in insulin regimens and delivery methods over the years, overall metabolic control, particularly in young people, has not improved very much.  Clearly there is a need for better ways to keep patients engaged in their own care and connected to clinical staff when they need help.

imageAt University College London this is being accomplished with a specialized application of Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.  On Health Tech Today, Dr. Hindmarsh explains why this software solution is so appealing to young people who can communicate with staff, receive information and encouragement, and report changes in their clinical status using a smartphone or computer.  Clinical staff are also appreciative of the software’s familiar and intuitive user interface and other features that require very little training use.

According to Dr. Hindmarsh, CRM shows the potential to improve care through better communications with clinical staff and better compliance with clinical guidelines. This could amount to substantially better long term health for patients and lower costs for the United Kingdom’s National Health Service.  But for that to happen, tools like CRM must be integrated with clinical workflow and supported by a business model that rewards clinical staff for using it.

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You can watch the full program here on HealthBlog by clicking on the player below.  You can also watch the program, and all the other programs in our series, by visiting the Health Tech Today worldwide landing page.


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Bill Crounse, MD              Senior Director, Worldwide Health           Microsoft

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