Telemedicine solution improves practice productivity, pleases patients

imageThere was a time when telemedicine services could only be provided by very large clinics, academic medical centers or government health organizations.  Telemedicine required big bulky equipment and expensive dedicated landlines or satellite connections that were capable of sending quality audio and video signals from one place to another.  Of course, that is not the case today.  Thanks to advances in digital technology and  broadband Internet services at commodity prices, telemedicine can be provided by nearly any health facility regardless of size or budget.  Connections can easily be made from one medical practice to another or even directly into patients’ homes.

When the medical specialty group, Dallas Neurosurgical, went looking for a way to help reduce the number of times patients in outlying rural areas needed to travel to the clinic’s Dallas office, they turned to Microsoft partner US Medical IT for a solution.  US Medical IT focuses on helping medical practices adopt new technologies and make the transition from paper charts to electronic medical records.  In this case, US Medical IT recommended a telemedicine solution to Dallas Neurosurgical that they have developed using Microsoft’s Lync unified communication suite.

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A telemedicine solution made a lot of sense to the clinicians at Dallas Neurosurgical.  Not only would it spare patients from time consuming travel, but it would also save the clinic’s doctors from having to travel as often to see patients at the organizations remote offices.  It looked like a win, win. But for such a solution to work, it also had to be able to show doctors the level of detail they were used to seeing during a regular office visit. Perhaps most importantly, it had to be affordable and simple to use.image

On the newest edition of Microsoft Health Tech Today, Stephen Cracknell, CIO for US Medical IT, joins me in the studio to show us the solution his organization developed for Dallas Neurosurgical and explains why it has been so successful in saving time and money for both patients and doctors, not to mention why it is improving patient satisfaction for the group.  You can watch the program on our Health Tech Today home page, or right here on HealthBlog by clicking on the video player below.


Health Tech Today with Dr. Bill Crounse

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Bill Crounse, MD                         Senior Director, Worldwide Health          Microsoft


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  1. Raj..S says:

    I am glad to read this blog and also appreciated to this update. By reading this blog I think we all are thanks for digital technology and internet services. According to my point of view telemedicine solution can be provided healthily life in our budget. Thank you so much for this post.

  2. HenryCampbell says:

    It is my pleasure to read this article, which is really useful for both doctors and patients. We all must be grateful for telemedicine solution and Internet network. Your post did leave a strong impression on me.

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