First on the Scene – Egyptian Ambulance Organization markedly improves response times with cloud-based, fleet management solution

imageIn an emergency first responders know that every second counts.  They speak in terms of the “golden hour”, a period of time during which a seriously injured accident victim must be stabilized and transported to a hospital in order to have the best odds for survival.  For heart attack victims or people who stop breathing, life supporting help must arrive within minutes if a life is going to be saved.  So imagine how it would be if you summoned help from an ambulance and it took more than an hour to reach you.  Such was often the case in the crowed streets of Cairo, Egypt.

On our newest episode of Microsoft Health Tech Today we see how a sophisticated software solution is helping the Egyptian Ambulance Organization dispatch, manage, and maintain its fleet of vehicles.  Using a fleet management solution called Altair developed by Microsoft partner Softec International, the Ambulance Organization is now able to, on average, respond and reach victims in a matter of minutes instead of an hour or more.

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imageUsing the power of cloud computing and building solutions on Microsoft products such as .NET, SQL Server and Dynamics AX, Softec International helps its customers cut costs, increase efficiency and maintain stability as their business grows.  The company’s Fleet Management System is a cloud-based solution that provides fleet management as well as customer relationship management software bundled with a GPS tracker.  The solution is helping the Egyptian Ambulance Organization to streamline and track daily operations. It also helps them manage costs, follow vehicle maintenance schedules, and collect analytic information on daily operations.

My special guest on this episode of Health Tech Today is Mr. Nour Shawky, General Manager, of Softec International.  He joins us from his offices in Cairo, Egypt.  You can watch the show on the Health Tech Today landing page, or right here on HealthBlog.  Just click on the player below.


First on the Scene–Microsoft Health Tech Today

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