Microsoft Health Solutions Group announces joint venture with GE


Ten years is a significant period of time in a person’s life. Ten years in the history of medicine is but a blink of the eye. As I think back on my ten year career working here at Microsoft, I’m sometimes amazed by how much progress has been made in a rather short period of time and how our health business at this company has grown to become what is truly a worldwide presence as well as one of Microsoft’s fastest growing segments.

I’ve watched solutions like unified communications, collaboration, business intelligence, portals, customer relationship management and many more become integral to clinical practice, health and healthcare; improving efficiency, cost, quality, access, safety, and satisfaction. I’ve seen our partner ecosystem grow to include thousands of companies who use our infrastructure, platform, and broad horizontal technologies to develop robust, cost-effective, practical and very meaningful solutions to improve health.

imageOver the last ten years, I also recall certain inflection points that marked the beginning of significant new opportunities. About half-way into my ten year journey at Microsoft, there was one such inflection point with the creation of Microsoft’s Health Solutions Group (HSG) – the team responsible for HealthVault, Amalga, and the Identify and Access Management solutions created specifically to address some of the health industry’s most pressing needs. What started in incubation quickly grew to become an important part of the company’s overall healthcare efforts.

Today marks one more important inflection point in the history of Microsoft in Health as HSG joins forces with another health industry leader – GE Healthcare – to create an independent company aimed at helping healthcare organizations use real-time, system-wide intelligence to improve healthcare quality and the patient experience. The complementary expertise of these two companies will create exciting new opportunities for addressing some of the most challenging issues we face in health.

In addition to the new joint venture, Microsoft will continue to maintain a strong presence in the health industry independently, working with over 20,000 partners to deliver solutions which positively transform health and health management around the globe. Our mission is and remains simple – to improve health through software innovation.

Please see the official announcement on for more information, and email questions to

Bill Crounse, MD                  Senior Director, Worldwide Health             Microsoft


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