Deaf Society improves communication and services with Microsoft Lync

I suspect most of us take our hearing for granted. We seldom think about how a hearing loss or deafness might challenge our ability to communicate.  However, for those with profound loss of hearing or deafness, the ability to communicate with others over distance, using the telephone for example, is less than optimal.  Sure, there are texting solutions available but those methods can be slow, lack emotion, and limit spontaneity.  Typically such solutions are also one to one. But what if you wanted to hold a virtual meeting with many other people who also have hearing loss or deafness?

imageThis was the challenge for the Victorian Deaf Society.  Established in 1884, the Victorian Deaf Society is the main provider of specialized communication services for deaf adults in the state of Victoria, Australia.  The organization offers a range of services including sign language classes, interpreter services, legal assistance, and case management to people across the region.  More than most organizations, Vic-Deaf depends on visual communication.  And that is one reason why Vic-Deaf, looking for better technology to address the needs of its staff and clients, turned to Microsoft and the company’s unified communication and collaboration solution, Microsoft Lync.

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In the newest installment of our on-line video series, Health Tech Today, see how Vic-Deaf staff are using Lync to facilitate improved communication with partner organizations and clients.  Learn how Lync is helping Vic-Deaf better serve the people in the organization’s service area and beyond. 

imageJoining me on the program from Melbourne, Australia, is Mr. Jeff Bogensberger.  Jeff is Named Account Manager for Generation-E, the Microsoft partner that assisted Vic-Deaf in their deployment of Lync.  It is with great pride, and a sense of personal satisfaction from helping people, that Jeff explains how Lync has opened new doors for those being served by the Victorian Deaf Society.

You can watch the show right here on HealthBlog by clicking on the video player below.  You can also watch this show and all of the programs in our popular Health Tech Today series by visiting the Health Tech Today landing page. 

Microsoft Health Tech Today with Dr. Bill Crounse

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Bill Crounse, MD               Senior Director, Worldwide Health             Microsoft

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