Health records move to the cloud in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This week on Health Tech Today we travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  We’ll introduce you to a Microsoft partner that is working with the health ministry to give every citizen a patient centric health record in the cloud.  The partner is a Portuguese company now working in Brazil called Health Innovation Systems.  The solution they’ve developed is called Vitacare.

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imagePrimary care in Rio de Janeiro is a critical issue in public health.  As much as 75 percent of the population does not have a general practitioner.  As a result, people needing medical care rely on emergency rooms and public health clinics for their care.  The Vitacare health record solution developed by Health Innovation Systems aggregates information captured during these visits around each patient and stores it in the cloud.  The information follows the patient wherever he or she goes; to the lab, to the pharmacy, to a hospital or clinic. It also helps hospitals and governmentimage agencies keep track of disease outbreaks and chronic conditions making it possible to take a more proactive approach to real time information and prevention.

Representing Health Innovation Systems is Mr. Nuno Dias.  During our interview with Mr. Dias, he explains how his company is using Microsoft technologies to build Vitacare.  This has made it possible to move more than a million patient records to the cloud in a matter of months.  You’ll also see how the solution takes advantage of the Microsoft Common User Interface to clinical applications making it not only look contemporary, but very intuitive for clinicians to use.  You can watch the full program here on HealthBlog (below) or by visiting the Health Tech Today landing page at

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Bill Crounse, MD                   Senior Director, Worldwide Health              Microsoft

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