The Kinect Effect – in games, education, health and so much more.

It has only been a year since Microsoft introduced Xbox Kinect to the gaming world.  As I’ve explained so often here on HealthBlog, Kinect’s impact is being felt far beyond the domain of home entertainment.  Around the world, people are experimenting with this new way of interacting with computers and information.  Those of us in the medical field have barely scratched the surface on the many ways I believe Kinect will transform clinical workflow and even the ways we interact with our patients.

To celebrate Kinect’s first birthday, our Interactive Entertainment division has produced a new video.  Take a look and let your imagination soar.

More than games……

To see additional examples of how Kinect is being applied to different health and healthcare scenarios, click here.

Bill Crounse, MD         Senior Director, Worldwide Health            Microsoft

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