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The weather in the Seattle has been anything like summer this July. What I see outside my office window most days has been fog, rain, and wind.  In fact, its been downright cold.  However, the calendar says it is summer even though it doesn’t feel like it and that means brand new episodes of our Health Tech Today series won’t be seen until fall.  In the meantime, we’ll be running a few of my favorite shows from the past year or so.  We’ll start this week with a program featuring my colleagues from Microsoft Research showing how the evolution of natural user interface (NUI) may play out in health and healthcare.

I reviewed this particular topic on HealthBlog last October.  Here’s how I introduced it then:

imageYou’d have to be asleep at the wheel if you didn’t already know about the monumental transition of information technology to software and services in the “cloud”. But you may not be as aware of the other big inflection point in computers and computing. It will significantly change the way we interact our computers and perhaps even our notion of what a computer really is. I’m speaking of the evolution of the computer user interface and the very devices we use as computers. I think we’ll one day look back at this era of mice, keyboards, and laptops and say, “Wow, wasn’t that weird”!…….If you want to peek into the crystal ball and see what’s ahead and the many ways we will be interacting with “computers”, information, and data, then be sure to watch this week’s edition of Microsoft Health Tech Today.

My special guests for this encore edition of Health Tech Today are Drs. Eric Horvitz and Susan Dumas of Microsoft Research.  Dr. Horvitz explores a 3-D take on Surface computing, and Dr. Dumas demonstrates work she is doing to improve information discovery on the web.  We also discuss the implications this may have for evidence-based medicine.

image image image image

I’m also trying something new with this summer’s encore programs of Health Tech Today – making full shows  viewable without directing you away from HealthBlog.  Just click on the play button below to enjoy a full episode of Microsoft Health Tech Today.

Microsoft Health Tech Today

Of course, you can continue to watch Health Tech Today on our landing page, as well as on Microsoft Showcase and YouTube if you prefer.

In the weeks ahead, I’ll be telling you about two additional encore editions of our program.  Then in early September, we’ll be releasing brand news shows of Health Tech Today - the on-line, on-demand video series at the intersection of health and information technology.

Enjoy your summer!

Bill Crounse, MD               Senior Director, Worldwide Health                Microsoft

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  1. anonymous says:

    Microsoft seems terribly out of touch with how good/usable user experiences are created.

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