Connected Health – a great fit for hospitals of any size

imageThese days we almost expect any large metropolitan, well known hospital, clinic or integrated delivery network to have sophisticated Web portals and on-line tools for patients.  We may not expect to find such sophistication at a small community hospital.  But, there are exceptions.  An example is Mason General Hospital in Shelton, Washington.  Mason General is one of the highest rated, most-wired small hospitals in the United States.  It is truly on the leading edge of connected healthcare.

imageOn our newest episode of Microsoft Health Tech Today, I speak with Mason General Hospital’s chief administrative officer, Eric Moll.  We explore how Mason General is proactively reaching out to patients and community members.  As an early adopter of HealthVault Community Connect, Mason General is able to meet a key component of ONC’s  “meaningful use” criteria – sharing care information with patients. 

Find out how they did it and why their investment is paying off in better care and higher patient satisfaction.  And if you think all this Web connectivity stuff is just for tech savvy young people, think again.  Mason General is using technology to address the needs of people of all ages.

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Here is a short preview of our show that will be featured on the Health Tech Today landing page starting Tuesday, July 12th.

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Bill Crounse, MD                        Senior Director, Worldwide Health              Microsoft

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  1. John D says:

    It is great that places are starting to offer these kind of services.  Mobile health is definately the way to go to cut costs and still be effective.  Everyone has access to the internet, but not neccesarily a doctor.  There are a few I've seen on the internet, but I've been using the free questionmyhealth .com, and it's great.  Hopefully we will see these services develop over the next few years!

  2. Surgical-blog says:

    nice video but where is its previous part ?  i also want to make link of this video on my Surgical-blog can I?

  3. hlthblog says:

    Re Surgical Blog.  The new installment of Health Tech Today referred to in this post will be available starting July 12 on the Microsoft Health Tech Today landing page  All prevous programs can also be accessed by clicking on the menu tab of our on-line player.

    Bill Crounse, MD

  4. Daniel Gonzalez says:

    It's good to see a smaller hospital integrate so effectively.  What other ways have they integrated? My firm is looking into EHRs and how we can fulfill the <a href="">ERH meaningful use</a> requirements in an effective way.  It'd be great to see how a successful location has done it!


  5. hlthblog says:


    You find a wealth of information on Microsoft and partner technologies in the health industry at and (sort by industry).  Our Health Solutions Group also has case studies and videos on how customers are using HealthVault, IAM solutions, and Amalga at .  You may also want to check out our on-line video series at .

    Bill Crounse, MD

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