Identity and Access Management solutions for the healthcare enterprise – not as dull a topic as you might think

imageIdentity and access management solutions for the enterprise – some people might consider that to be a pretty dull topic!  But it’s not a dull topic if you’re an IT professional for a large hospital or clinic and charged with managing who has secure access to the enterprise’s diverse applications and sensitive data.  And it is not a dull topic if you’re a clinician who wants hassle-free, efficient access to all of the appropriate IT systems and tools he or she needs to deliver and document patient care.  That is why this week on Microsoft Health Tech Today we’ll be exploring identity and access management (IAM), and some of the things you’ll want to think about if you are looking for IAM solutions for your hospital or clinic.

I am joined on our program by Linda Hill, Manager, Technical Assistance Center, Sharp Healthcare in San Diego.  She sat down with me recently at the Microsoft Connected Health Conference in Chicago to discuss why IAM is so important in the healthcare enterprise, and how Sharp Healthcare is using IAM solutions to strike the right balance between maintaining productivity, privacy and security.

imageSpecifically, we are addressing two Microsoft solutions for IAM.  One is called Vergence,  a solution for bringing single sign-on, context management, and multi-factor authentication together on a clinical workstation.  The other is called proVision, an identity management solution that enables hospitals to easily automate centralized policies for managing data access as employees enter and leave the organization or as their roles change.

Vergence minimizes the tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone activities of signing on to each application and then searching for the patient’s record in each application. Vergence privacy auditor can be added to provide a centralized audit capability that tracks access of each patient’s electronic record independent of the specific applications used.

imageproVision is uniquely designed for healthcare.  It enables organizations to automatically provision applications and easily create user accounts for employees and outside users who require access to computer resources. proVision provides near real-time status of a user’s electronic identities and includes rich delegation features to enable self-service capabilities for non-technical users. Simply put, proVision allows IT administrators to effectively track users and application accounts across the enterprise.

Our full program on Identity and Access Management solutions will be live on the Health Tech Today landing page on Wednesday, June 1st.  In the meantime, here is a short promo for tomorrow’s show.

Simplifying Security

You can find more information about Microsoft solutions for identity and access management here.

I hope you enjoy the show!  And remember to check back often for new editions of Health Tech Today – the on-line video series at the intersection of health and information technology.

Bill Crounse, MD         Senior Director, Worldwide Health             Microsoft


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