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Bill Crounse 2007 05Mobility is a must-have attribute of any solution designed for use by clinicians.  These information workers on the go must be able to access clinical information about the patients under their care anytime and anywhere.  An EMR or HIS system that isn’t accessible on a smartphone or other mobile device just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Thankfully, the market has responded with a variety of solutions to make life a bit easier for doctors, nurses and others who need mobile access to clinical data.  One such solution comes from a company called IQMax.  I first became aware of IQMax several years back, and from the very first time I laid eyes on their solution I was impressed.  First of all, I appreciated the fact that IQMax really understands physician behavior and workflow.  Not only did they understand that mobile access to information is mission critical, they understood that most doctors still use dictation as a data entry modality for a lot of the work they do.  As such, IQMax included a feature as part of their core solution that lets clinicians dictate a SOAP note, discharge summary or physical exam right on their smartphone.  The dictation can be sent for transcription from the phone and returned for review and electronic signature.  Now that is what I mean about understanding clinical workflow!  And that is only the beginning.

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This week on Microsoft Health Tech Today, I am joined by Paul Adkison, CEO, of IQMax.  Paul takes us through a short demo of his company’s elegant solution and provides some compelling ROI numbers for this mobile app.  Of course, IQMax works across the wide variety of smartphone platforms that are on the market today, including Windows Phone 7.  I must say the user interface looks absolutely stunning on the new Windows Phone.   If you are a clinician and you’re looking for an excuse to buy a new smartphone, this may be it.  And by the way, every single day I’m seeing more and more clinical apps coming to market on Windows Phone 7.

Here’s a short promo for this week’s Microsoft Health Tech Today with IQMax.  Check it out, and then “tune-in” for our show when it premiers on Tuesday, February 1st at 9 AM Pacific.  The show will be featured on the Health Tech Today landing page player all week, so be sure to tell your friends.

Mobile Medicine--Microsoft Health Tech Today with IQMax

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