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If you follow industry business, you know that smartphones are taking health and healthcare by a storm.  Whether it is doctors and nurses using smartphones to access clinical information at the bedside or consumers downloading the coolest new app for dieting or fitness, it is hard to imagine how anyone does anything without being tethered to a phone these days.  And least you think the market for smartphones is saturated, think again.  The mobile phone is all the rage in countries large and small—developed, developing and emerging.  In fact, for healthcare in rural and emerging markets, the smartphone is the primary platform for communication, collaboration and computing.

imageThis week on Microsoft Health Tech Today,you’ll meet a young man whose smarts and enthusiasm will inspire you.  He and his team from UC Davis were honored last year as one of two winners in the U.S. Imagine Cup competition for software design sponsored by Microsoft.  Team leader, Wilson To, tells us about his team’s award winning idea called Mobilife.  Using a smartphone, a close-up photograph of the conjunctiva (white portion) of an individual’s eyeimage is taken.  An algorithm analyzes the tortuosity of the blood vessels in the conjunctiva. This provides useful information about the microcirculation of the body.  As a screening test it can help identify children and adults who might be at risk for chronic conditions such as sickle cell anemia, hypertension, diabetes, or even Alzheimer’s disease. The technology is designed to be inexpensive and simple to use.  A trained field worker in remote villages or rural locations can gather accurate data making it possible to screen and refer high-risk individuals for additional medical evaluation and treatment.

On our program, Wilson To provides a short demo of Mobilife and shares information about his team’s exciting trip to the White House to meet President Obama and be recognized for their accomplishments. This is a story you won’t want to miss.  Watch the promo below and be sure to join us on Microsoft Health Tech Today on Tuesday, January 25th at 9 AM Pacific.  Remember, you can watch all of our shows anytime, on-demand by using the Health Tech Today landing page and player.  Your can also find our programming on Microsoft Showcase and YouTube where you can enjoy our shows in full screen format.

We have even more shows to share with you in coming weeks, so be sure to make Health Tech Today one of your regular on-line destinations.

Bill Crounse, MD                 Senior Director, Worldwide Health            Microsoft

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