Microsoft technology helps unlock the mysteries of HIV

imageFor more than two decades scientists have been hard at work trying to unlock the mysteries of the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV.  The virus has proven to be a challenging foe with a unique ability to rapidly mutate in a way that fools the human immune system and frustrates our quest to develop an effective vaccine against it.

This week on Microsoft Health Tech Today my special guest is Microsoft researcher, Jonathan Carlson, PhD.  Jonathan shows us some compelling graphic visualizations of how HIV mutates compared to other disease-causing viruses such as flu.  He explains how Microsoft technology is being applied to help us better understand how, and exactly where within its genetic makeup, that the virus mutates.  In so doing, researchers may discover new vulnerabilities and weaknesses within HIV that will lead to an effective, and lasting vaccine against it.  Dr. Carlson also shows us how Microsoft is helping researchers communicate and collaborate on their findings through a platform and set of open source tools that make up the Microsoft Biology Initiative.

Please join us on Tuesday, December 7th, for this very important program.  Remember, each week we bring you a new episode of Health Tech Today and all of our programs are available for viewing on-demand, anytime after they are released.  Health Tech Today is the program at the intersection of health and information technology.  I hope you will join us.

Here is a short promo for this week’s program with Dr. Jonathan Carlson.

Unlocking the mysteries of HIV on Microsoft Health Tech Today


Bill Crounse, MD               Senior Director, Worldwide Health            Microsoft

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