The Future of (Healthcare) Technology is Here

IMG_0712It has been a very busy week here at Microsoft.  There is just so much happening right now.  Xbox and Kinect are on pace for record sales between now and Christmas.  I’m blown away by all the interest in Kinect and the visionary ideas I’m receiving for how it might be used in health and healthcare.  We released Windows Phone 7 and the reviews have been nothing but spectacular.  Microsoft Lync is now available and I’m really impressed how quickly our customers are embracing everything this communication and collaboration platform can deliver.  I see unbelievable opportunities for this technology to improve the delivery of health information and medical services around the world.  And then, there is the cloud!  Whether public or private or a combination of the two, the cloud (and Windows Azure) is enabling amazing new capabilities for the health industry.  No longer are you confined to what is possible in just your data center or enterprise.  No longer is software something that comes as “one size fits all”.  You can scale your IT infrastructure, platform and software to meet the individual needs of your employees withimage the flexibility to scale up and scale down according to your business requirements. Healthcare is a data intensive business.  Cloud computing not only creates new scenarios for managing our data and the infrastructure that holds it, but entirely new ways to develop applications and use and share data to make better informed decisions.

Yes, I’m a bit excited about this, and thankful too.  I’m thankful for our wonderful partners and customers and all the support I’ve received from them over the years.  I’m thankful for all of you, my loyal HealthBlog readers, and of course to viewers and sponsors of our on-line video series, Health Tech Today.

Let’s all be thankful for what we have, and for the promise of a better tomorrow.  Most of all, let’s be thankful for our family and friends, because in the end they are what matters most.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 

Much to be thankful for

Bill Crounse, MD                          Senior Director, Worldwide Health                        Microsoft

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