Wireless Wonder—a Bluetooth electronic stethoscope

imageThe stethoscope has become one of the most recognized symbols of the medical profession, perhaps more so than the white coat.  Put a stethoscope around someone’s neck, and that person will immediately be recognized as a healthcare professional.

I certainly remember with pride when I receive my first stethoscope in medical school.  I also remember how I sometimes struggled to hear what my professors were expecting me to hear.  Did you hear the systolic murmur?  Did you hear a distinct S1 and S2?  How about the rub?  If you went through clinical training of any kind, you can probably relate to this.

imageThe stethoscope has been around for more than 100 years.  On this week’s episode of Microsoft Health Tech Today, we’ll take a look at the history of this clinical companion and explore how it has evolved using digital technology.  My special guest is neonatal physician and medical school professor David Loren, MD.  Dr. Loren will share how he uses one of the newest stethoscopes on the market to help train his students.  Specifically, we’ll examine the 3M Littmann wireless electronic stethoscope Model 3200 featuring on-board recording and ambient noise reduction.  You’ll see how this stethoscope can connect to your laptop or desktop computer via Bluetooth to record, playback, visualize and store digital heart and lung sounds.

You can watch a promo this week’s program below, and see the full program when it airs on Health Tech Today starting Tuesday, November 16th.  Remember, each week’s new show is featured for a full week on our landing page.  Also, all of our past programs from last season and this season are available on-demand, anytime you want to watch.  I hope you enjoy this week’s show.

Wireless Wonder on Microsoft Health Tech Today

Bill Crounse, MD                      Senior Director, Worldwide Health                 Microsoft

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