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This week on Microsoft Health Tech Today we take a look at two Tablet computers built to withstand the rigors of the healthcare industry.   If you don’t believe Panasonic’s Toughbook H1 MCA Tablet computer is really tough, just watch the first 20 seconds of this week’s show.  Seeing is believing.  I told you about the H1 in November of 2008 shortly after it was unveiled at the World of Health IT in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Since then, Panasonic has released another durable, and very light weight convertible Tablet, the C1. I first laid eyes on the C1 during a visit to Japan last March in private meeting with executives from Panasonic.  The unit I saw at that time was a preproduction model, but I must say I was impressed not only by the design but the weight. The C1 is billed as the world’s lightest convertible Tablet PC.  Although it wasn’t built specifically for healthcare, it will be popular in the industry.  The C1 boasts up to 10 hours of battery life with both the main and accessory energy packs on board.  The battery packs are also hot-swappable.  The screen is 12.1 inches.  It pivots on a central post but also locks with hinges on both sides of the screen.

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Microsoft Health Tech Today looks at Panasonic’s Toughbook line of mobile computers

I’d like to thank Panasonic for sponsoring this month’s programming on Health Tech Today.  Be sure to join us each week for the on-line show that puts you at the intersection of health and information technology.

Bill Crounse, MD            Senior Director, Worldwide Health          Microsoft

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  1. Laura Dawson says:

    A great product. Who is the market? Consumer, Provider? Does it have preloaded software that is Health Care related such as Microsoft Health Vault for Personal Helath Records (PHR)? Will it be compatible with the newly credentialed Electronic Health Records (EHR) that have just begun to be listed by the ONC of the Who can answer these questions?

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