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HealthTech_Logo_MAIN_WMS Logo_v2Now that we have concluded our first season of Microsoft Health Tech Today, I would like to personally thank you for viewing our programs.  While we plan exciting new program topics for next season, I’d like to invite you to watch some of my favorite segments from this past year.

Microsoft Health Tech Today is an on-line video series at the intersection of health and information technology.  In our upcoming season that is scheduled to launch on October 5th, we will be releasing a new program segment each week.  This is a departure from last season when we posted a multi-segment program each month.  After listening to our viewers, we decided that offering shorter, single topic videos each week is a better fit with our viewers’ busy lives.

So, while we build excitement for next season, here is a snapshot of some of my favorite program segments from season one of Microsoft Health Tech Today.

Who would have thought that one of the world’s foremost and most famous humanitarians, Archbishop Desmond TuTu, is such a huge fan of health ICT?  Then again, Archbishop Tutu fully understands the potential for information communications technologies to become a powerful force in improving health and healthcare around the world especially in those regions that today don’t have access to health information and medical services.  Here is my conversation with this very distinguished and special guest on Health Tech Today.

And speaking of opportunities to bring medical services to some of the world’s most remote regions, check out my interview with a young paramedic and CEO, Andrew Cull.  His company, Remote Medical International, is using the web and the very latest in contemporary ICT to treat patients and save lives from the surface of the world’s oceans to the peaks of the highest mountains.

The power of the Web is being leveraged for health in many ways, not the least of which is in connecting people to their personal health information.  Find out how doctors and patients at Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound are using the web and ICT to communicate, collaborate, and better manage chronic medical conditions.

Imagine seeing several thousand patients a day.  Imagine most of those patients showing up without an appointment.  Now, think about moving them through your clinic from registration to diagnosis and discharge in under an hour.  The most progressive hospitals and clinics in America would find this almost impossible, but it is the norm at one of the world’s most famous hospitals for medical tourism, Bumrungrad International in Bangkok, Thailand.  You’ll find out how they do it in this short Health Tech Today interview with the hospital’s recently retired CEO.

It’s after hours or on a holiday or maybe you just need to see a doctor and your own physician isn’t available.  Who do you call?  How do you find an available doctor?  Taking a cue from on-line restaurant reservation systems, ZocDoc helps you find a doctor and share your experience with others.

So there are just a few of my personal favorites from last season.  You can watch all of our videos by visiting the Health Tech Today home page and using our embedded player to select an entire show or any individual program segment that interests you.

And stay tuned for an exciting lineup of new topics in October when we launch the second season of Health Tech Today.

Bill Crounse, MD    Senior Director, Worldwide Health       Microsoft

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