Microsoft Health Tech Today—May Program

The May edition of Microsoft Health Tech Today will premier on May 12.  I hope you have had an opportunity to view our monthly, on-line show that launched last November.  Health Tech Today features industry thought-leaders, new solutions, and exciting innovations at the intersection of health and information technology.


This month’s show features four new segments from around the world. You’ll learn about a new service, Text4Baby, that supports underserved mothers with free text messages about pre-natal and infant care.  See how the CIO at one of Japan’s most technologically sophisticated hospitals uses Microsoft Unified Communications to foster collaboration and communication among the staff.  Learn why Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, has become a center for medical tourism and how they handle patient records, keep costs low, and maintain world-class care with the help of technology. Finally, see a new on-line scheduling service, ZocDoc, that helps you find a doctor near home, read reviews, check insurance, and schedule an appointment with just a few clicks of a mouse.

I’m pleased to offer this sneak peek of our May edition of Microsoft Health Tech Today.  Starting May 12th, watch the full show or individual segments at


Bill Crounse, MD  Senior Director, Worldwide Health,   Microsoft

Comments (2)

  1. Amega Global says:

    The Text4Baby sounds like a great program ~ and ZocDoc, if intergrated sufficiently with the medical system could be very convenient!

  2. Nebuliser says:

    great post really liked reading it. i agree with Amega Global

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