Chronic Condition Management and Healthcare Reform

During my trip to Australia last week, I was interviewed by Sky Business News.  It just so happened that my visit coincided with some major announcements coming from the Australian government on health reform.  The topic was in news headlines every day and the debate, mainly on payment and budget reforms, was often heated. 

The reason for my visit to Australia was to keynote at a health IT conference in Sydney on how technology can be used to improve the management of chronic conditions.  We also held health executive events on chronic care management in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.  Since 70 percent of the healthcare spend in Australia is related to caring for people with one or more chronic diseases, it was only natural that the press would seek me out for comment on Australia’s health reform agenda.  They were also extremely curious about our recent health reform activities in America.

Here’s the interview.  It runs about six minutes.  And although my comments were directed at evolving events in Australia they apply to the opportunities to improve health and healthcare delivery anywhere in the developed world.

Bill Crounse, MD  Senior Director, Worldwide Health   Microsoft

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  1. Im sick of medical capitalisim! Im up for any treatment which doesnt cost thousands and doesnt say to someone "you have to take this tiny red pill for the rest of your life" more money needs to be spent on education and the causes of all our ailments.

  2. I think its great having such a significant player as Microsoft involved in the Healthcare IT debate. With IT as the core underpinning of all sciences, having one of the premier global IT companies participate in the debate is crucial. Thanks for your involvement.

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