Microsoft Health Tech Today—April Preview

image I’m very excited to tell you about the April edition of Microsoft Health Tech Today.  Health Tech Today is our monthly, on-line video magazine at the intersection of health and information technology.  Our April show will premiere on March 31st.  But HealthBlog readers are always first in line to learn about special guests and topics on Health Tech Today.  So, here is your advance look at our line up for April.

image My first guest is someone I met earlier this year in London.  He is a real-life British Knight who serves the Queen as one of England’s premier thought-leaders in health.  Sir Muir Grey holds the title of Chief Knowledge Officer for the National Health Service.  Learn how he is leading the crusade for patient empowerment.


image If you are a fan of the TedTalk series, you may have run across our next guest, Bill Davenhall, of ESRI.  Bill had a devastating heart attack at the age of 50, causing him to ask, “Why is this happening to me?” What he learned about the connection between where we have lived and the status of our health may shock you.


image I first met Dr. Joel Robertson shortly after I joined Microsoft.  We’ve stayed in touch over the years.  A friend’s loss prompted him to develop powerful software that is helping clinicians around the world reduce medical errors by guiding them to a correct diagnosis.  Soon, consumers may also be able to use this powerful technology that runs on a cell phone.


image IT has become a strategic resource for hospitals and health systems these days.  Being a successful health system CIO is no easy task.  But one CIO who is always setting the mark for his peers is Sharp Healthcare’s Bill Spooner.  He was recently honored by HIMSS as “CIO of the year”.



image One day your cell phone may provide guidance on the status of your health.  Dr. Suzanne Smith of STAR Analytical Services is studying the acoustics of cough and developing software that may help you decide if and when you need to see a doctor.



You can watch a promo for our upcoming show here:

Remember that all of our programs are available for on-demand viewing.  Each month’s show can be watched in its entirety, or you can just watch the individual segments that interest you.

Be watching for our brand new Health Tech Today when it premieres on March 31st.

Bill Crounse, MD  Senior Director, Worldwide Health   Microsoft

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